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Crowns and bridges are advanced restoration options that can respectively preserve or replace teeth. If you’ve got chips, cracks, breaks, or even a missing tooth, a crown, bridge, or crown-and-bridge combo may be the perfect solution for your lasting dental health. At Boule Dental in Plano, Illinois, Melvin Boule, DMD, and his skilled dental team can help you get your smile back. Book your appointment using the online scheduler or by calling now.

Crowns and Bridges

What are crowns?

Crowns are custom restorations that cover your entire tooth. They're made for the specific dimensions of your teeth using impressions of your mouth, which allows for a perfect fit.

Dr. Boule may recommend a crown when your tooth is highly vulnerable to breakage or when you lack the healthy tooth needed to support a filling. Crowns are usually the final step after root canal therapy.

Crowns are usually made from ceramic, high-strength porcelain fused to gold alloy, or gold. Dr. Boule will help you decide which crown material suits your needs best.

What is the crown process like?

You'll have two separate appointments at Boule Dental for a crown restoration. During your first visit, Dr. Boule removes tooth decay and prepares your tooth for the crown. Next, he makes the impression that goes to the lab where your custom crown is made. Dr. Boule places a temporary crown while you wait for your custom crown.

During your second appointment, Dr. Boule removes the temporary crown and cements your permanent one into position after verifying a perfect fit. After that, you can use your newly-restored tooth with confidence.

What are bridges?

A bridge fills in the gap from a missing tooth. It's a realistic-looking prosthetic tooth that relies on your adjacent natural teeth for support. Bridges are usually made from ceramic, porcelain bonded to metal, or gold alloys.

It's very important to place a bridge as quickly as possible after losing a tooth. Without a bridge to maintain spacing, your natural teeth shift inwards and start deteriorating, and you may develop gum disease. You can also end up with jaw issues like TMJ if you don't replace your missing tooth.

What is the bridge process?

Bridge placement typically requires two or more visits to Boule Dental. In the first visit, Dr. Boule prepares your adjacent teeth to support the crown and makes the impression needed to create your replacement tooth.

Once your bridge is ready, Dr. Boule cements it into place. Usually, this involves crowns on the two teeth on either side of your bridge. With your new bridge, you'll have a functional tooth replacement and a full smile.

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