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Many patients say that fear of invasive procedures is one of the main reasons that they delay or avoid dental care. Boule Dental in Plano, Illinois, now offers a minimally invasive option that allows for gentler treatments and more comfortable recoveries: the state-of-the-art Waterlase Laser Dentistry™ from BIOLASE®. Melvin Boule, DMD, uses the Waterlase Laser Dentistry system to replace traditional dental tools, giving you the same great results with less invasive methods. Book your appointment using the online scheduler or by phone now.


What is the Waterlase Laser Dentistry system?

The Waterlase Laser Dentistry system offers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional anesthesia and dental tools. With this system, Dr. Boule or a member of the Boule Dental team can clean your teeth and root surfaces of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. The Waterlase system can also treat periodontal disease.

Dr. Boule can also use the Waterlase Laser Dentistry system for cavity fillings if you want to avoid anesthetic injections and the vibration of the dental drill. Waterlase is a flexible dental care system with many different applications. If you’re hesitant about your next procedure due to anxiety or fear of dental tools or injections, this may be a great alternative to consider.

How does Waterlase laser work?

The Waterlase laser uses three things: water, air, and laser power. As the laser touches your teeth, it draws your teeth’s natural water out, which allows Dr. Boule to access the tooth for cleaning or decay removal.

The laser system continually hydrates your teeth with a mist of water, which keeps your teeth from growing too hot from the laser and prevents cracking or other damage. This system allows for gentle and effective dental care without injections or traditional dental tools.

When you have Waterlase treatment for a filling, the laser removes only the minimum amount of your tooth, while traditional tools like dental drills may inadvertently remove extra healthy tooth.

How long does my Waterlase treatment take?

Waterlase treatment is typically quite fast and easy. Before your Boule Dental care provider begins treatment, they’ll give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of treatment duration.

How many Waterlase treatments will I need?

It depends on the procedure. For a teeth cleaning, you’ll typically need just one appointment, the same as an ordinary teeth cleaning. If you have periodontal disease and need gum treatment, you may need two or more Waterlase sessions, depending on how serious your gum damage is.

For cavity fillings, your Waterlase appointment is generally about the same as a standard filling appointment: one session for a small cavity. Dr. Boule will plan your treatment with you ahead of time.

Ready to learn more about how Waterlase can make your dental appointments better? Book online or call Boule Dental to book your appointment today.